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Cats For Adoption

Click here and Sparkle will take you see all of her feline friends up for adoption.

Here at Cats Anonymous, we strive to match up the right cat with the right family, and to ensure that our cats are adopted into homes where they will be a part of the family, forever. We firmly believe that there is the right home for every cat, and the right cat for every home. By identifying your needs and lifestyle, and matching you up with the cat(s) that fit those criteria, we are more likely to have a happy, successful adoption.

All our cats are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, treated for parasites and blood tested negative for feline leukemia (FeLV) & feline immune deficiency virus (FIV). You will be given a copy of their medical history when you adopt.

Our adoption fee is $150. Senior cat adoption fee (any cat 10 years or older) is $75.

Because we are a volunteer organization, all adoptions are done by appointment. We ask that you begin by filling out the Adoption Questionnaire below, and forward it to us so that we can try and match you up with the right cat and do our routine screening. We will then contact you by telephone to set up an appointment for you to come and visit us, and meet the prospective adoptee(s). If a suitable match is found, and the cat is ready to go, you may put the cat on hold and we will book a time for you to come back and finalize the adoption. This will give us time to prepare your cat’s medical history and adoption papers, and will give you time to prepare your home for the new addition.




Some of our kittens can be seen and adopted from local pet stores. We do not use these pet stores as a shelter, but rather as short term adoption locations in various communities to give our cats and kittens additional exposure and allow them to get used to people, dogs and other animals in the stores.
Drop by one or call and see who’s there !
Pet Valu – Fergus
Ruffins Pet Centre – Georgetown
Pet Valu – Acton
Paulmac’s Pets – Milton


We would also like to acknowledge and thank Global Pet Foods and Royal Canin for their continuing support and generous donations of food.


Royal Canin