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Help! I’ve Found a Stray


  1. Call the local humane society or animal control agency to see if anyone has reported the cat missing. Leave them your information, in case the owners call in afterwards.
  2. Call the local vet clinics and do the same.
  3. Put a collar on the cat and attach a note asking the owners to call you, so that you know if the cat is owned or not.
  4. Go door to door in your neighbourhood and talk to neighbours to see if anyone owns or knows of the cat.
  5. Make up a poster and distribute it in your area. Put it into mailboxes, on telephone poles, at the local post office or stores, etc.  If you are in a rural area, drive around to the mailboxes on your line and the surrounding lines…cats can travel quite a distance.
  6. Put an ad in the local paper with a description and location of the stray cat.
  7. Click on one or all of the links below to add a found pet.


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Spay-Neuter Info Card - May 2013