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My Cat Needs a New Home

Because our shelter is a ‘no-kill’ facility, we are in high demand.  On average we receive over 100 requests for help each month. Our shelter is small and we can only accommodate approximately 6 new cats per month, depending on our rate of adoption.   Please follow the steps below and you should be able to find your cat a new home without having to resort to a shelter situation.  Although our shelter is very comfortable and home-like, it is still very stressful for any cat to live in a shelter environment.  Do your cat a favour and take the time to advertise.

Please note that when space is available, we only accept surrenders from within a 40 km radius of the shelter.  If you are not within our boundaries, please consult our list of other Ontario Cat Rescues.

Surrender Area Map

Click here to find a rescue group near you.


STEP 1 – ADVERTISE.  BEFORE CONTACTING CATS ANONYMOUS, if you have decided to re-home your cat, try some of the following suggestions:

  1. **Advertising in the local paper – run an ad every week or two. It is usually very inexpensive in the local paper and we often have very good success with this.  Once you have placed ads, submit your PROOF OF ADVERTISING by indicating which newspapers your cats ad can be viewed in and the date of submission.  Also attach a copy/picture of the poster that you have made up and placed around town.  To submit your proof of advertising CLICK HERE.
  2. **Put up posters all around town – one with a picture really helps. Colour photocopies are quite reasonable these days. Go to surrounding towns too. The more people you reach the better. Most pet food stores and vet clinics have adoption boards and most libraries and grocery stores have bulletin boards too.
  3. Advise all the local vet clinics that they are available for adoption. Most clinics have a bulletin board or a list they keep of cats for adoption.
  4. Check out internet adoption sites. We are on You can post your cat there for adoption. They also have a listing of other private shelters and rescue groups that you can contact.

Keep in mind that it is not always easy to find homes for adult cats, and it will not happen overnight. But it is definitely possible with some time and patience, and a good effort on your part. Just mentioning it to friends and acquaintances is not enough. You have to make the entire town know of your cat’s existence and it’s need for a new home.

Once you have placed ads, proceed to:


You will be required to show a copy of the newspaper advertisement as well as a poster before your application will be considered.

If you do NOT wish to surrender your cat, but would like behavioural advice, contact Jodie.

If you are considering giving your cat up for adoption due to a behaviour problem or any other issue that you would prefer to resolve, please feel free to contact us for some advice. Many behaviour issues can be worked through and corrected if the problem is properly identified and dealt with in a timely matter. We have a lot of behaviour experience and are happy to help out if we can.

To contact me: Click here (Jodie)


Spay-Neuter Info Card - May 2013