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Domino is settling into his new home and getting braver every day  :) Way to go Domino!

“Just thought I would let you know that all is well with Domino. He is settling in nicely and I am quite surprised at how he becomes braver and braver every day. If I did not have dogs he would be completely settled by now but it will take a bit more time. He is hesitant around them obviously but still quite brave considering their size and the fact that he was not raised around dogs. Currently he has free roam of the house but tends to like my closet the best. LOL He has found his SAFE areas and that is fine as we are not in any rush with him. This week has been the most successful week for him. He has been walking by the dogs to come to my bed at night and last night he actually curled up beside me for a short while. He is still worried when he hears a noise but that is understandable. He is really a funny guy now because he will peak out the closet and inspect where the dogs are and then make his move around his rooms. Every day he is getting more and more playful and showing more of his true personality. He really is a good boy and I am continuously baffled at how anyone could not have ever adopted him and even return him. He has so much personality and just wants to be loved “…..Allessa





Happy update on Sapphire (the beautiful Bengal cat we had here).  She is settling in and behaving herself (mostly!)
Lovely young couple … and very understanding.  Lucky Sapphi!

“I just wanted to give you a bit of an update on Sapphire; she is a lovely cat, and she is really doing well in our home! She absolutely loves the second floor, because there are huge window sills for her to sit and soak in the sun. She’s starting to warm up to the dog, and even brushed up against her affectionately this morning! She is eating very well, and we have only had a couple instances where she didn’t use her litter – definitely not anything we were not prepared for. On a bright note, it does seem to have stopped already, as she appears to be more comfortable and settled in by the day!
Thank you again for everything, I’m so relieved that Sapphire is comfortable and happy with us.”…….Elizabeth




 Julie 1Julie 2Julie 3

“I thought I would send an update on Julie.  A lot of you may remember her from the singles room.  She was at CA for 4 years and about a month after I started volunteering here, Julie came home with me. It has been about a year now and Julie is one happy cat!  She is now 14 years old but you would never know it!  I have attached a few photos!  …… Tom

Thanks for taking care of her Tom.






Yes … the rumors are true … Tango has left us for his “retirement home”. He will be pampered and catered to by a lovely lady who found him on our website.  Tango came to us in September last year.  At 18 years of age, with heart problems, and preferably needing to be a single cat, we didn’t hold out much hope for a home for him.   Don’t ever give up hope … you never know what’s right around the corner.

“Tango has settled OK.  Roaming around my place, checking it out.  My brother came by for a visit and Tango really took to him. He is just curled up on my bed sleeping. As you said I will take my time with him, and allow Tango to come around when he feels comfortable. Thanks again for allowing me to adopt him. He seemed like a popular little guy at the shelter. It was a pleasure to meet you. I will keep you posted on how Tango is adjusting as well as any health developments.”…..Maria





Tami has left the building!   After 2 years with us, she has gone to her forever home.  She will be sharing her home with a retired lady and her little dog.  She will be well loved and pampered   :)

“She is a sweet pussycat!  So far she is a bit afraid of the dog,  so I am trying  to keep them apart for now.  She purrs when I pet her and say her name  but won’t settle to being held yet. I just love her”…….Cherie

Update: “Well it is 3 weeks since little Tami came to stay. She is adjusting well now. Loves looking out at the squirrels and birds. She jumps up on my lap. I had a houseful of family here over the weekend and she joined in the chaos. Everyone petted her. She follows me around but being a senior, she does get tired.  She tolerates the dog, who tries to be friendly.”



Jube Jube

Jube JubeUpdate on Jube Jube … the handsome Abyssinian cat we had at the shelter …. briefly!  Looks like he is a very happy cat in his new home  :)

 ”Jube Jube has fit in amazingly well. Please let Pat know that he seems to be really happy here and we are incredibly happy to have him. He is becoming best friends with Skippy and as long as he gives Maya and Rummy a bit of space, they get along just fine, though we have caught them sitting together sometimes. He loves to see me after school, he waits by the door and if I’m late he will watch out the kitchen window. When I do get home he climbs all over me, he loves to sit on my shoulders.”……Drew


 Peggy & Paula

Peggy and Paula are safe and sound in their new home.  It’s been a long road for this mother and daughter team.
They were living in an abandoned house in rural Erin and both had kittens last spring.  Then they came to us heavily pregnant in the fall as part of our TNR program.  Well … it was too late to spay these ladies, so they went off to Wayne and Ann’s for foster.  Peggy delivered her kittens just days later, and Paula was only a few days after that.  But Paula ran into trouble with her delivery … a large deformed kitten was stuck in the birth canal!   She had an emergency C-Section at the local vets and 3 kittens were saved.  How terrifying must that have been for a semi-feral cat!!  Mother Peggy took over the care of these 3 kittens along with her own 6 for the night, while Paula recovered from surgery.  Then they shared motherly duties and happily took care of their broods together.  When the ladies returned to the shelter, we knew that they had to stay together, and that they couldn’t go back outside.  Mother Peggy is so sweet and tame and Paula was making good progress trusting people.  Happily, one of our volunteers – Jackie – fell in love with the girls when they returned from foster.  Peggy and Paula have gone off to start their new life with Jackie and her family and 2 of our shelter cats …. Toby & Pawco.  One big happy family.

Poor Peggy - 9 kittens tonight!  Sept 24 2014Peggy & Paula admiring themselves

I just wanted to let you know the girls are doing fabulous! We have decided on names that seem to fit them well. Peggy is now Bella – more reflective of her diva personality, while Paula is now Luna, which fits her gorgeous colouring.
They barely made a sound the whole trip home, which really surprised me. Bella did well right from the beginning, she snooped around and jumped up on our bathroom counter to survey her domain. Then she came back down for some petting, so she has settled in very quickly. Luna initially hid, but Bella gave her a visit under the bed and then she came out for some petting.  It was like the all clear signal from mom. Both are purring, have had some food and come out every time we go back into the room after leaving. We are thrilled with how they are doing.
The boys (Toby & Pawco) have not yet realized there are newcomers in the house. They were both snoozing when we got home so they are blissfully unaware as of yet……Jackie